The RCL is taking a break today, as we often do on the weekend of a major pony con, and Everfree Northwest is in full swing in Seattle, WA! If you happen to be in the area, please report any sightings of FanOfMostEverything, who managed to escape the RCL reading dungeon room long enough to experience the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. We’d really like to get him back.

Though we don’t have an interview feature for you today, several of the curators thought it would be appropriate to offer a look at selected works from MythrilMoth’s pony oeuvre. MythrilMoth had been an active fixture in the ponyfic world since 2012, and passed away in his sleep earlier this month after some months of worsening health problems. If you were a fan looking to remember him, or someone who’d heard of him but never actually read his work, here are a few stories you might enjoy.

“‘Alone‘ is short but impactful,” said FanOfMostEverything, “an atmospheric presentation of isolation that isn’t going where you think it is. It’s definitely not Moth’s usual work, but it shows that he was capable of a lot more than bathroom and bedroom humor.” Horizon thought it was “a curious AU, not feeling quite complete on its own but rather impressive for its written-in-a-single-take pedigree. It gives some tantalizing hints of a much larger story behind its vivid imagery, and draws some real emotions out of its sparse and deliberately artificial stage.” Present Perfect was “amazed at how much emotion was packed into such a small package. That he wrote it in one go without editing allowed him to get all of whatever he was feeling in that moment out onto the page, and the twist at the end is perfect.”

“‘Clop, Clop, Clop‘ is an odd fusion of prose and poetry that I really have nothing but praise for,” said Present Perfect. “One of the most pleasant fanfiction reading experiences I have ever had, especially when it comes to experimental fic.” Horizon agreed: “Clop, Clop, Clop, for all that it started out as a sort of reverse trollfic, accomplishes something unique with its semi-lyrical form, elevating its story beyond a recitation of the details of an ordinary day. I do wish Mythril had doubled down on the poetry and been more aggressive with the rhyming and meter, but even as-is there’s a sort of soothing innocence to the repetition that would make for a good children’s book.”

Finally, “‘Biomom‘ is a fascinating adventure,” as far as FanOfMostEverything is concerned. “The pacing isn’t always the best, but it’s still a journey of fascinating ideas and compelling execution. It is a bit of a period piece for the fandom; it started just after ‘Castle Sweet Castle’ aired and makes some assumptions that have since been Jossed, but I still think it’s one of Moth’s better works.”

To those at cons this weekend, Everfree and otherwise, have fun and be safe! We’ll be back next Friday with our regularly-scheduled feature interview.