This blog isn’t the only anthology of exemplary pony stories. There are earlier collections that the community has come to regard as canonical, and we see our mission as a continuation of those efforts. To highlight new stories and avoid duplicating earlier work, anything that appears in the linked collections is an honorary member of the Royal Canterlot Library. This means that we recognize those stories as already established among the fandom’s best, and we will not be re-featuring them.

  • Equestria Daily has a library of solid fanfics, curated by a stable of accomplished prereaders. For a long time, community votes determined a star rating for each published story. Those with an average of 4.9/5 or better received the coveted 6-star label. The star ratings were discontinued in mid-2012. (If you want a triple-curated list of recommendations, our very own Chris has reviewed and ranked all the completed 6-star stories.)
  • The Pony Fiction Vault, which stopped accepting new submissions as of 11 Oct 2013, was the creation of RBDash47, who singlehandedly highlighted his favorite stories and conducted interviews with the authors. Those stories are all available for download via the Vault.

2 thoughts on “Precursors”

  1. RevealNow said:

    To see the ponyfiction legacy move along smoothly is too awesome for words. The joy and perspective this fandom’s fanfiction has given me and many others has been a true gift.

    Its especially great that you guys are respectfully skipping past all of the older classics and six-stars and shining the spotlight on a relatively new set of talent to create some future classics. Props for really pushing things forward!

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