Alas, not even the Library is immune to the passage of time.  While founding member Chris stuck with us through 4½ years of highs, lows and quality fanfiction, he has withdrawn from the project due to life circumstances significantly impacting his pony time.  He hopes to continue blogging at One Man’s Pony Ramblings as his schedule permits.

Fortunately, we have a new curator eminently worthy of filling his formidable horseshoes.  FanOfMostEverything has joined us, bringing a lengthy track record of acclaimed stories, vast reading habits, episode/comic encardenings, and general positivity.  His commentary will start showing up on features in the near future.  Welcome, FOME!

We’ve updated our About page with the personnel changes.  Including Soge’s bio, which was found in a corner inside a puddle of suspicious green goo.  Horizon denies everything.