Sometimes, as Hearth’s Warming rolls through and Auld Lang Syne looms, it’s worth taking a moment to stop and reflect on the year we’ve had.

Pony-wise, despite all the early episodes and big leaks, the fandom is still going strong.  We’re honored to remain a part of that!  Thank you, featured authors and readers alike, for being a part of this crazy equine fanfiction train.

We’ve got a full handful of features pending once the authors complete their interviews — and more in the pipeline as we get through our reading.  The holidays, however, seem to be an exhausting time for an awful lot of us.  So for this week we’re just going to spend some time with friends and family, and hope you get to do the same.

If you’d like to temper that with some reading, though, we’ve got four years of wonderful features to catch up on (as well as a number of equally solid suggestions in our story recommendation thread).

Either way, enjoy the rest of your year!