As it so happens, we are quickly coming up on the second anniversary of the Royal Canterlot Library’s first interview. Yup — two years’ worth of interviews with some of this fandom’s best writers!

We thought we’d do something special to mark the occasion. So, in celebration of 2 years of RCL, we ask you, our readers: For our 2nd anniversary, who would you like to see featured a 2nd time?

For the next week and a half, we are accepting nominations for stories written by one of our previously featured authors, but one different than the story we featured. And what’s more, we’re letting you guys pick. That’s right — you’ll be able to vote for the story you’d like to see us feature for our second anniversary!

Just head over to this thread on our FIMFiction group for details on how to nominate and vote for stories. Voting will close October 4th, so get those nominations in soon!