Before we begin with our feature today, we have some news to announce: next week will be the first anniversary of the Royal Canterlot Library’s first interview.  That’s right — 52 weeks’ worth of interviews with some of the fandom’s best writers.

We thought we’d do something fun to mark the occasion.  So, to celebrate one year of asking brony authors questions about horsewords, we’re giving you the opportunity to turn the tables on us!

For the next week, we invite all of you to ask us anything (individually or as a group). We’ll compile your questions and answer them in a special post on our website on Friday, Oct. 10, which will take the place of our usual feature next week. And yes, you may ask us anything.* Who’s best pony? Which was our favorite interview? Which one of us is the cute one? Anything you like!

(* Do note that, in order to keep a positive tone and keep our focus on the fandom’s top stories, our answers won’t discuss details of failed nominations — but we’ll do our best to balance our mission with the full honesty of an AMA.)

Just post your question in this thread on our FIMFiction group within the next week, or post a comment down below. We look forward to answering your questions!

And now, back to our regularly scheduled interview …