Welcome to the Royal Canterlot Library! Every Friday, we’ll post an interview with the author of one of our favorite pony stories. You’ll get to meet the authors and see their analysis of some of the best work this fandom has produced. The schedule so far is as follows:

  • Oct 11: Princess Celestia Hates Tea (Skywriter)
  • Oct 18: It Is My Fate To Enter Every Door (Cloud Wander)
  • Oct 25: An Imaginative Performance (Bob From Bottles)
  • Nov 1: Order from Chaos (Twilight Snarkle)
  • Nov 8: The Diary of an Evil Pony (TheBrianJ)
  • Nov 15: Five Hundred Little Murders (Estee)
  • Nov 22: The Colour You Bleed (Kegisak)
  • Nov 29: The War And What Came After (NorsePony)
  • Dec 6: “The Art of the Dress” or “Expectations” (NTSTS)
  • Dec 13: Home Is Where The Harp Is (Blueshift)